Serpentine Sky and Other Music for Computer-Controlled Pianos

JRI Recordings, 2005
CD or surround-sound DVD-Audio available at JRI Recordings.

Sample track: Lydian Drone

Serpentine Sky features original music composed for up to six synchronized pianos, ranging from a very spare and reflective elegy to wild and playful collages of familiar tunes.  The computer control allows Green to create unusual effects, such as notes traded between instruments at lightning speeds, impossibly fast runs and arpeggios, and shimmering textures.  The surround sound DVD version captures this unusual music especially well.


In the tradition of Nancarrow, impossible riffs fly by at lightening speed, executed with perfect accuracy. Add Green's spatial treatments of up to six pianos and the results are dizzying. Green's puréed Patriotic Collage, for example, is like Ives under the influence.

Randy Nordschow, NewMusicBox