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New York State Solar Map

New York State Solar Map.

Global Forest Canopy Modeler

On-demand multi-scale spatial Markov simulator for estimating forest canopy cover trends, published in IJGIS.

On-Demand Simulation of Individual Trees

Methodology of simulating individual trees from globally-available remote sensing data.
Image shows visible imagery, airborne lidar, and simulation results for Central Park.
Published as a chapter in Integrating Scale in Remote Sensing and GIS

Building Square Footage from Lidar Feasibility

Project evaluating the feasibility of deriving building square footage from lidar.(CARSI).

New York State Solar Radiation

Statewide solar radiation estimate created by esimating shading from elevation data, and combining the results with low-resolution satellite-based solar radiation data by Perez et al.(CARSI).

Interactive subsetting system

Greenland regional climate model output exploration and subsetting system (CPRSL).

NYC Cool Roofs Map

A map of estimated absorbed solar radiation in NYC based on World View 2 satellite imagery and airborne lidar elevation and intensity data (CARSI).

NYC Building Heights

Data produced for NYT visualization (CARSI).

New York City Tree Height

Citywide tree height dervied from lidar point cloud data for estimating biomass and cooling potential (CARSI).

Dasymetric 2010 Census Data

Disaggregation of census tract data using the proportion of residential area in each parcel, for a interface that allows for deriving census data for arbitrary areas (CARSI).

Hurricane Sandy Flood Map

Hurricane Sandy Flood map based on FEMA data, and flood map based on NYC Lidar Data used in NYT online map (CARSI).

Multi-Scale Canopy Height Map

On-demand multi-scale map of forest canopy height (published in the journal Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing).

Mapping Vegetation Structure Using Lidar

Estimated vertical distribution of vegeration height within 500m areas in North America, based on satellite-based lidar measurements and grouped by distribution type (poster, CUNY).

Satellite / Airborne Lidar Analysis

Validation of satellite lidar processing algorithms against airborne lidar (part of dissertation project, CUNY, in progress). The ellipse is the footprint of a GLAS lidar waveform capturing foliage distribution (x, y, z in meters) in Cunningham Park, Queens. The points are coincident airborne lidar returns sized by return intensity and colored by a gaussian function of distance from the center of the footprint, to simulate the horizontal distribution of energy returned to the GLAS sensor.

New York City Solar Map

Sample estimated insolation, based on airborne lidar data (CARSI, Sustainable CUNY), calculated at 1m scale for all of New York City; data also used in the IBM Think Exhibit.

Map Usage Patterns

Dynamic temporal map of activity on the NYC Solar Map.

Locating Urban Trees Using Lidar

Results of tree-finding algorithm displayed in Google Earth with extruded building footprints, both based on lidar data.

Transpiration from EVI and Temperature

Transpiration in the Northeast US estimated from regression equations derived from flux tower measurements, satellite-based enhanced vegetation index, and temperature (process diagram).

Daily Northern Hemisphere Snow Depth

Daily snow depth for 2002-2009 interpolated from weather station data (Cryospheric Processes and Remote Sensing Laboratory).


Lidar / Thermal Mapping

A map of the urban thermal landscape in suburban Boston showing the correlations between land cover and urban heat, based on Landsat and lidar data (presentation).

Aster Inventory

A Google Earth KML interface for browsing ASTER satellite images of supraglacial meltwater lakes in Greenland (lighter means less meltwater; border color is month of year; altitude is year) (Cryospheric Processes and Remote Sensing Laboratory)

Landsat Interpolator

Utility to interpolate pixels missing from Landsat ETM+ imagery.

Cellular Automaton Rule Extraction

A system for encoding and traversing the "rule space" of cellular automata models extracted from daily West Nile Virus risk rasters (poster, CARSI).

Quadtree Index

A quadtree-based raster comparison metric for binary images that measures their similarity simultaneously at multiple scales, without regard to orientation.